Corsi di lingua


First Class is recognized by the Marche region as an Accredited Educational Body in accordance with Decree no. 646/SIM dated 15/12/14.

This accreditation grants access to Chamber of Commerce, regional and EU funding to companies, professionals and individuals willing to invest in education.


Funded Education

With considerable experience in the management of Interprofessional Funds and organizing ESF funded courses, First Class specializes in corporate training.

Courses financed by Interprofessional Funds: these are a real opportunity for corporate training, which is funded by Joint Funds, associative organizations supported by the Social Partners.

Thanks to its professional team, First Class is able to guide companies throughout the whole process, helping them at both educational and organizational levels. First Class can:

  • Find the most suitable professional fund for the company
  • Analyze the educational needs of the company
  • Determine the educational goals and find the most appropriate teaching method
  • Draw up the corporate training program required to apply for Interprofessional Funds
  • Manage the bureaucratic and administrative processes related to the funds, accounting and reviewing the expenses involved
  • Manage and monitor the educational and organizational aspects: find the teachers, the mentors and the certifications.

All expenses are financed by the fund: our consultation and the courses are completely free for the company.

ESF Courses

ESF courses are funded by the European Social Fund. These courses are for: independent contractors, groups, industrial sectors, unions, public administrations and companies. One of the targets is vulnerable social groups who struggle to find and keep their jobs, such as women and the long-term unemployed. It is estimated that over 9 million people from vulnerable social groups are helped every year thanks to ESF projects.

Distance Learning

First Class provides distance learning courses and blended learning courses, thereby eliminating all transport problems.

The need for continuous training and cutting down the time necessary for it make these educational methods the ideal solution. Thanks to distance learning, courses are available to students through online platforms, removing the need for students and teachers to be in the same place. Distance learning has strong potential for companies. Through these new technologies they can:

  • Reduce costs without jeopardizing the educational activity and the quality of the content
  • Make the educational activity flexible, adapting it to the specific needs of the professionals
  • Enhance the management of the content with quick and easy updates
  • Allow access to everyone, regardless of their IT skills
  • Support independent management of the educational activity suitable for the needs and working schedules of the professionals
  • Monitor progress through reports and analytics

Distance learning provides students with interactive materials and apps allowing them to check their progresses and to better understand the content. The support of qualified professionals guarantees a continuous in-depth analysis and allows the students to resolve their doubts and overcome the difficulties encountered during the course. Students can interact with the teacher and the other students as if they were in the same room. The educational experience and interaction are enhanced compared to the traditional teaching situation.


Language Training

Thanks to a team made up of language experts, teachers, coaches and qualified programmers, First Class provides a wide range of language training solutions.

 First Class provides the following courses:

  • General English, French, German, Spanish, Russian courses (from beginner to advanced)
  • English, French, German, Spanish courses for professionals, executives, doctors, students, covering specific sectorial languages
  • Corporate language training programs tailored to the specific needs of the participants
  • TOEFL Exam Preparation English Courses
  • Cambridge (Starters, Movers, Flyers, KET, PET, FCE, Advanced, Proficiency) Exam Preparation English Courses
  • DELF – DALF Exam Preparation French Courses
  • DELE Exam Preparation Spanish Courses
  • Goethe Institute Exam Preparation German Courses
  • Italian courses for foreign languages speakers
  • Internships abroad for professionals and students
  • Educational tours abroad

Vocational Training


First Class provides courses for qualification as “Conference and Exhibition Assistant”.

First Class has been working in the conference and exhibition field in the Marche and nearby regions for 20 years. Since the demand for assistants and the need for specialized personnel in this sector is growing, First Class provides courses to train conference and exhibition assistants.


Aim of the course

The aim of the course is to train professionals for work in the exhibition and conference field. The Conference and Exhibition Assistant receives the visitors and/or conference participants, assists and provides logistic support throughout the course of the event and/or conference. Their behavior, the quality of the information they give, the assistance they provide, the way they relate to the public and the operators all have a substantial impact on client satisfaction.

Course program

  • Basic notions and information to solve the main problems related to this sector: conference technique, plane and train ticketing, technical tools.
  • English language training with in-depth study of the specific terminology of this field
  • Make-up and posture courses
  • Internship

Enrollment on the course includes

  • 40 hours of classroom-based training conducted by experts
  • A 6-day internship
  • Inclusion in our database
  • Learning materials
  • Certificate of participation

Job opportunities

The Conference and Exhibition Assistant can work:  in conference centers, conference organization agencies, conference centers, communications agencies, hotels, event planners, Professional Congress Organizers and specialized agencies (sport, culture, entertainment, education, tourism, etc…)

Course candidates/Destinatari

High school graduates aged 18-30. The number of places is limited and the candidates are selected. If you are interested please contact us on +39-07154416.

Preferential skills for admission:/Saranno considerati titoli preferenziali

  • Good knowledge of English
  • Good knowledge of a second language
  • Good communication skills
  • Good personal appearance


CME Education

The National Health Agency for Regional Services has granted First Class the title of Provider (Provider no.4882) in the Continuing Medical Education system (CME) for the training of health workers through in-service training and distance learning.

First Class works in the field of professional training for the progress of scientific culture and offers an increasingly specialized number of users a valid contribution to enhance their CVs in the health sector, providing constant training which answers the needs of patients and the Health Service. First Class can independently manage the educational projects developed by the Scientific Board and promoted by the scientific managers for all medical branches. Health workers have an ethical obligation to update their knowledge and skills in order to offer patients qualified and useful assistance so they can be capable healthcare professionals.

The CME - Continuing Medical Education – system aims to promote continuous training in the health sector, identifying nationally shared criteria and methods. Health workers are expected to acquire a certain number of training credits (ECTS) every year, attending courses recognized by the National Health Agency for Regional Services.


CME management services

First Class provides support throughout the CME accreditation activity, as a direct Provider and as an outsourcer for other accredited Providers. The activity includes:

  • Determining the education goals and suitable teaching methods
  • Managing payments and administrative taxes
  • Managing relations with the Ministry of Health
  • Drawing up contracts with sponsors
  • Drawing up contracts with the speakers
  • Technical and logistic support to organize the event
  • Collecting documents for the speakers
  • Monitoring attendance through optical and barcode readers
  • Graphic design for the informational material (booklets, brochures, pamphlets, invitations) and learning materials (presentations, papers)
  • Arranging, printing and correcting the feedback questionnaires using dedicated software
  • Awarding the ECTS credits
  • Publishing online the CME certificates on the dedicated portal
  • Filing and storing the CME papers for 5 years