First Class, located in Ancona, works throughout Italy, providing a complete and professional translation service from/into all major European and non-European languages

We have a network of professional translators specialised in different fields (industrial, financial, legal, marketing, medical, etc.) with in-depth knowledge of the relevant terminology.

We provide certified, sworn and/or legalised translations with Apostille and have sworn translators registered with the Court and the Chamber of Commerce of Ancona.

We are able to provide translation services in Ancona and throughout Italy: translated documents can be sent throughout Italy by registered mail.

The translations we handle differ according to content, type of document, purpose and destination. Some examples?


  • Sworn translations: suitable for documents and certificates translated either into Italian or into a foreign language and then sworn in court. The swearing confers 'legal value' on the translated document through the signing of an oath report by the translator himself. Generally, the documents concerned are birth certificates, death certificates, residence certificates, marriage certificates, criminal certificates, academic qualifications, driving licences, etc.


  • Legalised translations (with Apostille): once sworn, the document destined for a foreign country must also be legalised by the public prosecutor's office. This procedure gives the document full legal value at international level. If the document is destined for a foreign country joining the Hague Convention, an Apostille must be affixed to it.


  • Translations carried out by sworn translators: translations bearing the stamp and signature of the translator registered with the Court and the Ancona Chamber of Commerce with a declaration guaranteeing the accuracy and truthfulness of the translation.


  • Technical translations: the translation of manuals, specialised articles, instructions, user guides for machinery or appliances and commercial documents. These are technical texts where highly specialised language is used.


  • Medical-scientific translations: the translation of scientific articles and research papers, leaflets, medical volumes, medical files and clinical studies.


  • Editorial or literary translations:  the translation of books, poems, novels and articles. Translators working in this context must know the author, his story, his way of thinking and his writing in order to be able to represent all the characteristics in the target text.


  • Financial or business translations: the translations of documents such as balance sheets, contracts, business plans, analyses, bank statements, pay slips, etc. that contain sensitive information about companies or customers and their financial activities.


  • Translations for the web: the translation concerning blogs, websites, newsletters, e-commerce portals, etc. The particularity of this type of translation is that the text not only has to be translated, it also has to be localised and adapted to the culture of the target country.




LEGAL CONSULTANCY for citizenship and immigration practices: in addition to the comprehensive and professional translation service of documents, we offer legal advice for those who need to undertake the citizenship and immigration process.


For any information we are available by phone at 07154416, via Whatsapp at 3479228641 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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