Formazione ECM

CME Education

The National Health Agency for Regional Services has granted First Class the title of Provider (Provider no.4882) in the Continuing Medical Education system (CME) for the training of health workers through in-service training and distance learning.

First Class works in the field of professional training for the progress of scientific culture and offers an increasingly specialized number of users a valid contribution to enhance their CVs in the health sector, providing constant training which answers the needs of patients and the Health Service. First Class can independently manage the educational projects developed by the Scientific Board and promoted by the scientific managers for all medical branches. Health workers have an ethical obligation to update their knowledge and skills in order to offer patients qualified and useful assistance so they can be capable healthcare professionals.

The CME - Continuing Medical Education – system aims to promote continuous training in the health sector, identifying nationally shared criteria and methods. Health workers are expected to acquire a certain number of training credits (ECTS) every year, attending courses recognized by the National Health Agency for Regional Services.

CME management services

First Class provides support throughout the CME accreditation activity, as a direct Provider and as an outsourcer for other accredited Providers. The activity includes:

  • Determining the education goals and suitable teaching methods
  • Managing payments and administrative taxes
  • Managing relations with the Ministry of Health
  • Drawing up contracts with sponsors
  • Drawing up contracts with the speakers
  • Technical and logistic support to organize the event
  • Collecting documents for the speakers
  • Monitoring attendance through optical and barcode readers
  • Graphic design for the informational material (booklets, brochures, pamphlets, invitations) and learning materials (presentations, papers)
  • Arranging, printing and correcting the feedback questionnaires using dedicated software
  • Awarding the ECTS credits
  • Publishing online the CME certificates on the dedicated portal
  • Filing and storing the CME papers for 5 years


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